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MCC Industrial Services Ltd.

About the Company

MCC Industrial Services Ltd. is focused on recovering the value in recyclable material that is currently being lost in our clients’ waste streams. We work with companies to design and implement more efficient waste diversion processes that recover value by separating recyclable materials that have value from non-value materials.

If your operation is large enough, we can provid a team on-site to handle the whole waste diversion process; like we do for Toyota Canada and Bombardier. For smaller volumes we can act as a post processor for those ‘clean’ waste materials to increase the value and cost recovery.

For organizations that have multiple waste materials we can handle less than load or mixed load shipments. This can eliminate storage space on site and accelerate cost recovery. If you have materials that no one else wants, we can often find homes for those difficult to recycle materials.


To provide a high level of support and services to customers who value their environmental impact on society.


To be diligent, compliant and safe in all aspects of our operations and in doing so earn the respect and support of our valued customers.


We will provide:

  • Best environmental resources for our customers.
  • Safe and respectful work environment for our highly valued staff.
  • Opportunities for advancement for our staff through expansion.
  • Revenue growth and steady increase in our customers.

MCC was incorporated in 1988 as a management-consulting firm with expertise in industrial waste management. With every facility there can be many types of waste, and with each type of waste there can be a different treatment, hauler, and disposal facility involved.

MCC manages on site waste and recycling programs for our clients to reduce waste handling costs and maximize recycling revenues. MCC provides on site operations, supplier management, environmental regulatory compliance, labour management, auditing, and reporting.

MCC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd., a general trading company active in international trading, technology transfer, resource development, organization of business ventures, investment, finance, transportation and economic development. Mitsui maintains a global and logistics network encompassing over 800 subsidiaries and associated companies.

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