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Leverage our in-plant waste management services!
As an independent waste management company, MCC Industrial Services resources the best services specific to your needs. We manage all waste related suppliers efficiently to ensure the best level of service and pricing, at the standard expected by you, our customer.

As the first company to introduce In-Plant Waste Management Operations to Automotive Manufacturing in Canada we have helped many of our customers achieve Zero Landfill targets.

Some of the largest automotive and aerospace manufacturing facilities in Southwestern Ontario have chosen MCC Industrial because of our innovative and leading edge approach to environmental management. No matter how big or how small your business is MCC can develop an environmental action plan that will work for you.

Under our unique Business Solutions program your facility comes on-line with our centralized dispatch and automated reporting systems; as MCC assumes responsibility for your waste management program. Using our proprietary internally-developed process, your facility is assessed by our trained professionals. Our staff then custom design a program for your operation and MCC assumes all existing sub-contracts and negotiates any new ones required.

The benefits to this approach are as follows:

  • independent management of waste-related suppliers
  • one call for all waste, at every location
  • assurance of excellent service and performance
  • savings on cost-related wastes, and premium revenues on value-added wastes
  • administrative and purchasing relief
  • plant management and shipping relief
  • maximized purchasing power
  • continuous updating of in-plant systems based on changing waste streams and customer requirements
  • an independent “financial statement of waste”
  • waste generation process evaluated — reduce, reuse and recycle
  • leading edge technologies and systems available through our large base of suppliers
  • monitoring of pending and newly-approved waste-related environmental legislation and compliance
  • improved storage and handling of hazardous waste streams
  • maximum landfill diversion achieved

Find out if MCC has the right solution for your business by calling our professional waste management team at (800) 311-4622 today!