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Plastic Recycling

Cost reduction through effective recycling!

Are you sure that you are getting the best price for your value added plastic material?

Are your waste streams designed to recycle the maximum number of different plastic types? Ensure that you are recycling your waste plastics in the most cost-effective way and maximizing revenues on your value added wastes with MCC – Southern Ontario’s premier plastic solutions provider. Our clients currently recycle 47 different types of waste and value-added plastic with MCC Industrial Services. We specialize in finding homes for hard to recycle plastics. Through our unique assessment procedure, we can identify the different types of plastics and volumes your facility has and coordinate an action plan to meet your company’s needs. Once implemented, the plan will maximize recycling, reduce waste, increase revenue and simplify internal waste collection procedures, saving you time and money.

Below is a list of just some of the plastic materials MCC can handle for you:

Table 1: Common Plastics Recycled by MCC
Type of Plastic Examples
LDPE Film Stretch Wrap, Bubble Wrap
Corrugated PP Plastic Boxes
Polyethalene Trays Totes & Trays
Coloured Film Shrink Wraps (coloured)
Poly Carbon Compact Disks
Painted ABS Plastic Car Parts
Co Mingled Scrap Plastic Purge Pucks, Gates
…And many, many more types of plastic. Our 23 years serving Southern Ontario means we have the connections to find suppliers for all of your plastic recycling needs.

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